What our Drivers are Saying...

"I drive for Vanquish Worldwide and it has been a great company to work for. Great people and they all treat you with the up most respect. Thank you all at the company for giving me the chance to work at a place I like to call HOME!"

"Thank you for all you all do for me as a driver, everyone at Vanquish has been great to work with since I started."

"Vanquish respects me as a driver. Management understands that their drivers make the company!"

"Vanquish gives me a well maintained truck so I can make money for myself and the company. They value and respect me."

"I enjoy working at Vanquish. I have years of driving over the road and they are the BEST to run for! Thanks to all the employees at the Vanquish dispatch office."

"Vanquish has high standards and provides me with steady work. But I love driving for Vanquish because of the people!"

"I've been with Vanquish 6 months now and I'm happy to say that I've found a home. The team of people at the office that I work with are the best. I'm not just a number here, I'm a person. My equipment is top notch which to me is paramount. Getting home isn't an issue either, if I want to get home those folks get me there. The pay is competitive and the miles are here. Coming to Vanquish has been the best move I've made yet professionally. I once again enjoy driving and hope to retire from here."

WhaT Our Customers Are Saying...

As a Best in Business honoree, Vanquish Worldwide, Inc. has demonstrated strong business results and high standards for quality, which point to a well-managed operation. Its performance exemplifies the type of organization with which FedEx Ground is proud to do business.

Sean O'Conner
Vice President Contractor Relations

“I am hoping Vanquish will bid on the upcoming contract because your service is EXCELLENT and you have met all of the conditions of our current contract.”

Kathy Weiss
Purchasing Specialist, Department of Homeland Security

"You guys have not missed a beat throughout the contract switch and changing of the hands, we appreciate the continued success that we see in VW Inc. Thanks so much!!"

Rebecca Worthen
P & D Manager, FedEx Ground

"I want to thank Vanquish Worldwide, LLC for the excellent service you have been providing. Our business is driven by excellent customer service, on-time pick up and deliveries, and clear communication. Thanks again for making this a great partnership for both of our companies."

Dennis Kaliszewski
Sales Representative, C.H. Robinson

"We have been using Vanquish for our full truckloads and have had excellent results.  The customer service has been terrific and all loads have delivered intact and on time.  We really appreciate the service that we have gotten."

Glenda Amburn
Sales Assistant, Gilded Mirrors, Inc.

"We at Kodiak are very satisfied with the service we have received from Vanquish Worldwide. Since our partnership with Vanquish we have been able to get our product to our customer quicker, easier, and at a more efficient time. The associates are friendly and easy to work with, we have been blessed with the opportunity to work with you and hope to continue this partnership."

Doug Bloemker
Kodiak Mfg., Inc

We really enjoy working with your team and will continue to do our best to get you the best loads. Thanks again for the great job!

Miguel Beltran
Sales/Logistics, Johanson Transportation Service

Vanquish delivers on the contractual obligations on a consistent basis. There is a large focus on safety and on-time service and Vanquish excels in both categories. I would score this category as Exceptional.

Renee R. Heerhartz
Contractor, Veterans Management Services, Inc.

Vanquish Worldwide
2014 Large Business of the Year

Eric W. Barton
2014 Philanthropist of the Year

Eric W. Barton
2014 Humanitarian of the Year

Eric W. Barton
2015 Young Entrepreneur of the Year

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